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Board of Directors

Ola Lauritzson

Hälsa Invests founder and CEO, Ola Lauritzson, is one of the most renewed Swedish serial health entrepreneurs. Mr Lauritzson was appointed ”Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2007 by the entrepreneurial network Founders Alliance.

Mr Lauritzson has a MSc in business and administration from the Stockholm School of Economics. In addition to founding a number of start-ups he has also worked as CEO of the investment company G&L Beijer Import and Export, as well as the government controlled investment foundation Innovationscentrum. Mr Lauritzson has published 17 health related and bestselling non-fiction books in Sweden, of which many have been translated to international markets.

Pär Sundberg

Pär Sundberg is one of the founders and CEO ('96-'09) of the media production company OTW, which was sold in a trade sale to Forma Publishing Group in 2007. Mr Sundberg has since had the position as CEO of Metronome, the largest media production company in the Nordic market. Today, Mr Sundberg works as a non-executive director of several businesses, which apart from Hälsa Invest, include companies such as Brand New Content (production of digital formats based on video), Traction (investment) and G5 Entertainment (mobile game development).

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