Welcome to Hälsa Invest

About the company

Hälsa Invest ("Health Invest") is the holding company for a group of health related subsidiaries. The group will expand through acquisitions in related businesses with a primary focus on the Swedish market. A central idea is that the independent subsidiaries should benefit each other through synergies in customer acquisition, marketing, production, distribution and administration.

Presently, the following enterprises are included in the portfolio. The ambition is to grow the number of subsidiaries to 5-10 within the coming few years.

GI Viktkoll i Sverige AB

The leading Swedish online weight loss service focused on a "low carb lifestyle". The company was founded in 2005 and has since had about 200 000 paying members. Personal food- and exercise calculator, weight loss programs, expert chats and recipe databases are amongst the popular features offered on the site.


GI-Boxen Sweden AB

Home delivery of healthy, ready-made food. Weekly distribution in the ten largest Swedish cities. Since launch in late 2010, more than 400 000 meals have been distributed to customers all over Sweden.


08-702 59 90 (GI-Boxens switch board)
Sveavägen 135, 113 46 Stockholm